Clamshell Packaging and Packaging for Fruit and Vegetables

Clamshell Packaging and Packaging for Fruit and Vegetables
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Very few people know exactly what clamshell packaging is and that is why I am going to try to teach and inform you exactly what clamshell packaging is and how can it benefit you and your business. Firstly, let's focus on the exact definition: Clamshell packaging is one single container that is divided into two halves and is joined by a hinge, they are in most cases made in a plastic material and resembles a clam, therefor the name clamshell.

Advantages include and are not limited to:

· They are effective, customizable and durable

· It protects against bad handling and poor storage conditions

· It makes it easy to store your fruit and vegetables

· Aids in product visibility and presentation which is a huge bonus for shoppers

· It's strong, durable and versatile

· Even though they are difficult to open at times, it aids in preventing theft in stores due to the time it takes to steal

It comes in all shapes and sizes and better yet our prices are great too!

Fruit packaging and the importance of it

Without the correct fruit packaging, fruit loses mass and extremely the value of fruit will drop. Boxes are designed in such a fashion as to keep the airflow active and the humidity low, which ensures the mass remains at a good standard and keeps values ​​of crops at its pristine. In addition, the wrong packaging often damages the produce as well, and this, in turn means less sales and more money wasted! This is why spending your money on the most suitable fruit packaging is crucial.

What makes fruit packaging unique is that each one has been created with a specific fruit in mind, for example:

· Berry boxes: These boxes are made for all types of berries such as strawberry boxes / containers, blueberries and even pulp baskets

· Peach boxes: Made with only peaches in mind, we have a large variety of peach boxes for any peach

· Melon boxes / bins: Created for watermelons and pumpkins

· Drip tape and mulch film: Drip tape ensures your crops get the water they need. Jains has created the drip tape and has designed a viable and economically viable system to deliver a measured quantity of water at the root zone of each plant at regular intervals. Mulch film ensures that the weeds are kept away.

That's it for this article and hopefully I have been able to explain more about clamshell packaging and all other types of packaging.

Source by Leanne Catherine Kimmings


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