Foods That Help With Constipation

Foods That Help With Constipation
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Constipation is an unpleasant experience. Your stomach is cramping and bloated. If you experience it suddenly, you might not have eaten a sufficient amount of food rich in fiber or have not drunk enough fluid. If you suffer it frequently, you should visit your doctor or buy over the counter medicines to kill the symptoms. Normally there are many natural remedies to cure the symptoms if you change your diet and eat more foods rich in fiber.

What natural foods that can help relieve the pain of constipation?

How to relieve constipation? Normally an adult should consume foods rich in fiber ranging from 24 grams to 36 grams. Too much fiber during the day will result in a loose stool; therefore consumption should increase gradually if you don't consume fiber rich foods frequently. What natural foods contain fiber? In other words, what are the best choices of food to get rid of constipation?


May fruits contain fiber; such as prunes, pineapples, pears and peaches. All those fruits are common and rich in Vitamin A. If you don't like one, you can eat the others. Or simply, you can drink those fruit juices by adding some water to dilute slightly. By eating them, they can help you soften your stool and regulate your digestion; as a result constipation will go away.


In addition to fruits, vegetable consumption and selection should be taken into consideration. Vegetables such as broccoli, beans, carrots and celery are high in fiber. Broccoli is the top healthy vegetable, super rich in fiber. Raw carrots can improve the movement of your stool, reduce the suffering of constipation, however don't cook carrots because once they are cooked, they can lead to constipation. Beans can maintain your healthy digestion system and improve the movement of your stool.

Whole grains

Corns belong to the whole grain family. You can either eat air popcorn or corn itself so as to make your intestines move faster to avoid constipation.

What kind of foods can cause constipation?

Apart from those fruits and vegetables, you should also know what kind of foods can lead to constipation.

Dairy foods

Dairy foods are rich in Calcium, but hard to be digested. If you drink too much milk during the day, you will feed your stomach bloating, so if you suffer constipation, you'd better reduce the amount of milk you drink per day. Cheese is another kind of dairy food. It will bring the similar symptom as milk, so you should also consider eating as few amounts of cheese as possible.


Eating too much meat can cause another bout of constipation because many meats are rich in protein and fat and it takes a longer time in your intestines to digest them.

Besides foods, what else natural remedy can be considered?


Dehydration can cause dry stools and lead to constipation, therefore during the day, you should drink more water than normal so as to soften your stool and avoid constipation.


How to get rid of constipation fast? Some people need to drink milk to obtain calcium in the meantime, if you have the symptom of constipation, you should consider some extra exercise to physically make your body consume more energy so that digestion can be improved.

Constipation is a curable symptom, if you take proper measures and eat foods rich in fiber, the symptom can be cured completely. So don't worry about it too much, plan a well-balanced diet with fluids plus some physical exercise, your digestive system will go back to normal.

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