What Are the Healthiest Fruits and Vegetables?

What Are the Healthiest Fruits and Vegetables?
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The healthiest fruits and vegetables are those that are raw and available for consumption.

That's simple enough, isn't it?

Of course, you can maximize the health benefits by varying which fruits and vegetables you eat. This is very easy to accomplish by eating a wide variety of different colored fruits and vegetables.

The coloration is determined by different nutrients. By contrasting the colors you are getting different nutrients.

This concept has to be applied daily.

This is because you do not know exactly what your daily nutritional needs are on any given day. They change continually depending on which bodily functions are active at any given moment. Therefore, you should strive to consume numerous fruits and vegetables throughout your day.

Healthy Snack Foods

Healthful snacks are easy when you use healthful food choices such as vegetables and fruits.

Good healthy foods in the fruit and vegetable category includes:

  • * Pineapple
  • * Blueberries
  • * Spinach
  • * Red Bell Peppers
  • * Broccoli
  • * Apple
  • * Tomato
  • * Asparagus
  • * Avocado
  • * Mango
  • * Cantaloupe
  • * Carrots
  • * Kiwi
  • * Papaya
  • * Strawberries
  • * Watermelon
  • * Banana

Raw Vegetable Diet

Why is it important that these foods be consumed raw?

It's because of the enzymes they contain. Heating foods above 115 degrees Fahrenheit kills the enzymes as well as many of the other nutrients they contain. Why would you want to pay good money for good healthy foods then destroy most of what they have to offer by destroying them by cooking?

Eat them raw when possible to get all the nutrients from your foods.

Literally, the healthiest fruits and vegetables truly are whatever is raw and available.

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